Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and a Baby in the Oven :D

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, in the back of our minds always thinking it'll be the last Christmas alone as a couple, yikes!! We've been married for over 5 1/2 years so we're ready right?! Two of my best friends made it to town so we got the WHOLE gang together, including Miss Harper Blair, for a party at our house!! Complete with eating, a gift exchange and some Wii dancing. I myself was shaking my big pregnant J-Lo :D Who needs an eliptical when you have that game, geez!! 

I had my 36 week appointment today and we found out Maddox is breech, little stinker. Apparently 5% of babies don't flip before they're due to come. Sooo, they sent me to the hospital today and I was hooked up to a stress test for awhile. He's doing swell in there, his face is just wedged into my right rib cage. Makes sense, I'm ALWAYS leaning to the left trying to get into a comfortable position. Anyways, on Thursday they're doing a procedure called an external cephalic version. Translation, they're going to "drug" my uterus and the Dr's going to try and flip him like he's frickin Houdini. Sooo, if this "trick" is successful, great lets have the baby the good old fashion way!! If not, a scheduled c-section in 3 weeks!! That's if he doesn't rupture my "bag-o-water" in the process or if Maddox's little heart rate decelerates and doesn't go back to the normal rate. Then, we'll see you on Thursday Maddox!! Oh and just for your information, his room is STILL not finished. Let me just tell you I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world, ya think?! Haha!! Here are some pictures of our festivites. Wish us luck:D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready or Not He's Coming Soooon!!

Well here we are almost 33 weeks...I'm feeling a little nervous because I can now say I'm due next month, YIKES!! We had a little photo op with my belly, I've been bad at taking pictures, shocking I know!! We purchased a camera not too long ago and were giving it a "whirl" Maddox's room is not even close to being done, I should post a picture of that. You can't even step foot into his room, it's PACKED from floor to ceiling with baby shower gifts and clothes. Christmas break is when we're taking that project on, I'll post pics of his nursery then:D I'm starting to get uncomfortable at work these days. The Dr I work for took it upon himself to tie my shoe the other day, he said "Don't worry, I got it" and proceeded to tie it:) so cute! I just read in my 33 week e-mail that you'll start to retain water...well hell, tell me about it!! Haha, I'm getting the pregnancy face, no bueno!! I'm still wearing heels everywhere I go, my OB told me I should probably "get off the heels" no such thing buddy, sorry:( Maddox got the hiccups a couple of weeks ago, I was confused until I realized he wasn't just hitting me in the same spot for 2 min. straight, soo cute!! I can't stop buying clothes for the little guy!! Travis just shakes his head when the Fed-Ex man rolls up. He's got leg warmers, ties and bow ties to last him a lifetime!!  Here's some proof of the belly:D Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Bump Update #2

Here we are at 6 Months and 1 week...getting closer!!! This was at the Oregon Coast, me and 5 of my friends loaded up and drove to see Andrea, our BFF that lives in Portland. Talk about good times had by all!! Lots of eating and chatting!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Maddox's Debute:D

Here we are at 21 weeks in front of my lovely white trash fence, don't you love it;D Finally found our camera in a box and took a picture of the guy! We're so excited to have a stinky little boy, he's got quite the wardrobe already, complete with skulls, guitars and graffiti. Wait till you see his room...we're going to be busy little bees for awhile. So far I haven't felt him kick, unless it is him and I've been thinking it's gas! I'm LOVING fried foods, cheeseburgers, and I drink vinaigrette but the spoonfuls:D Maddox is going to be pickled by the time he's done cooking in there:) Working out has been on the back burner, bad idea, but there's sooo much to do on the house...speaking of, the house update is, we're still unpacking, one day at a time!! We love our little Nampa casa, I'll post pictures soon:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Here ya go!!

Well, this says it all!! I was sooo shocked!! This night I was having pains in my ovary area like usual when coming up on that time of the month. This night was different!!  We're so excited!! I'm a little over 3 months pregnant!! My little fetus is already getting a taste of profaninty in utero, earmuffs little guy!! I've had no morning sickness at all, I keep telling Travis I can see why women have babies in the toilets!! I don't feel different, besides that I LOVE deep fried foods, oh and my girls are getting bigger, not that it takes much, hehe!! This footage was taken seconds after I peed on that lovely little stick!! We're at my cousins bachelorette party. My cousins Keri and Krechelle were the ones that watched the test turn.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We're Having A....!!!

...Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, wahoo!!! 15 on the right one and 10 on the left. I had an ultrasound last week and he said, and I quote, "Oh, looks like you've got yourself some pearl necklaces in there" laughing I responded that I'm vogue from the inside out ...pearl necklaces, ugh. Lame I know, I was pissed about the cysts just a having a party in my business!! So, with this I also have the endometriosis thing, equaling knife stabbing feelings on the old necklaces. Soooo, Dr. Christensen put me on the Clomid pill last week, we'll see what that does. Hooray for multiple eggs dropping as I type, I can feel myself "ovulate" bizarre!! So that's that!! Other than the baby makin' news on the down and down, our lives are on the up and up in other ways:) 

(NOTE: Not my ovaries that were paparazzied-just an FYI :D)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trav's Graduation...again!!!

I officially have a Gaylord Focker as a husband!! Travis graduated last night from ISU with a BS in Nursing!! I'm soooo proud of him, he's worked so hard in school just making it one step closer to becoming a nurse anesthetist!! But for now, Hooray for male nurses!! His class had a pinning ceremony that followed the actual ISU graduation ceremony. I pinned Travis on-stage after his professor, Dr. Micki Goodwin, read a little somethin somethin about him. She gave him an award of "Our GQ Nurse" that would be "crushed on" by his fellow employees and his patients. Then stating that he looked like he stepped off of the runway and into his scrubs cleaning wounds, bed pans and all other bodily function fluids. Travis was embarrassed to say the least! Anyways, they put together a slide show of pictures from the rigorous 16 month program. It was fun to see him with all 28 classmates last night and the bonds they had made with each other. I'm proud of you Travis, love you to the moon babe!! Only one more graduation and we're school free, ahhhh:)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I need a cigarette...

I'm soo terribly sorry! I was posting some pictures on my last post, ahem, 10 minutes ago and ran across these lovely pictures I COMPLETELY forgot to post and blog about! Our New Years Eve White Trash Party!! Completing our lovely attire for the nights event is Travis, who looks like Chester the molester for sure, Yikes!! He is sporting some nice handle bars, greased hair, long johns and cut off shorts. Mmm, sexy baby. I was ravishing in a yellow one-piece snap crotch number(makes me shiver just typing those words "snap-crotch") leopard button up and leggings complete with blue high heels and tats on my ankle and foot. I also sported some gnarly purple and turquoise eyeshadow. Did I mention I was pregnant and puffin on a cigarette...haha sick right?! Everyone that attended this lovely event had their own style of WT!! We rung in the New Year playing games and eatin spaghetti-o's outta a can! Here's a little looksie for ya!

Date night, check!

Travis and I went on a much needed date tonight to Yoitomo, an all-you-can-eat sushi resturant downtown in BoDo. It was superb and our new fav sushi joint! Travis is wrapping up school, can I get a hallelujah from ya'll!! He graduates in t-minus 23 days and counting. So his life is in a scramble, trying to get everything done. Let me just tell you this will be his third, yes I said third degree he's graduating with and I'm soooo ready for this guy to work, ahhhh! We still have one more graduation to tackle but that'll be in the future when he gets into anesthetist school. Sooo, this wife is partied out by now. Last graduation, from BYU, we put on a Luau. We pulled out all the stops for this party and even roasted a pig, aww poor thing, to make it an official!! So that's the 411 on my husband. Anywho, this week was my spring break, I only worked 2 days and the rest was spent in bed watching trash (ie 16 and pregnant, Say Yes to The Dress, People's Court, Baby Story, Price is Right, Regis and Kelly) you name it, I watched. The weather has been CRAZY from dorothy toto winds to, sleet, rain, hail and snow! My friend Crystal and I were out a couple of the nights until 3 am, like we're in high school all over again. Eating, playing rock band wii, doorbell ditching, eating some more, talking, and did I mention eating. All this time I'm NOT working out, since January for that matter. I know ouch right! Since the birthcontrol thing, I've wanted to see what my body does not working out, although I feel like a crap, the pounds keep coming off so I can't complain. My running buddy(Crystal) is throwing out the divorce word to me, she hates running alone and I don't blame her, haha! Like I said in my last post, I'm in a rutt and that equals no working out for me. I know, I know the endorphines would help. Well, what also helps is eating all the Cadbury Eggs I can get my gruby little hands on. Wow that was quite the rant. So, Trav and I took some pictures of tonight's outing so I thought I'd post em so you can see we're still kickn'!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blah Blah Blahhhh

Can I just say I'm SO excited for General Conference this weekend. I must admit that I'm not one to watch the full thing. Mostly because I'm in my pj's, with a stomach full of food, laying on the couch/bed with Travis, a nap never fails to come along and tug on my eyelids. It'll happen everytime with a combination like that on a Sunday afternoon:) Most of you that know me, I would hope, say I'm 99% of the time a happy girl. I LOVE laughter and I'm only grumpy if I'm hungry, get woken up from a nap(there goes that nap thing again) or if my darling husband pisses me off, they do that sometimes. I just need to vent for a second. I'm in a bit of a rutt...a big one, well medium size if we want to put a dimension on it...this is why I type, I can't wait for GC!!! I need to be spiritually uplifted to get outta here! Everything's swell, I love my husband, I love my life and I love my job...I'm just really discouraged. I went off of 'the pill' after I ran my half marathon in October. Right away we were fully stoked to think we were one step closer to becoming parents:) Well, wronge. My body's going through some crazy train ride and I don't want to be onboard for it. So technically we've been "trying" and nothing, nada, zero, zilch has happended besides ovarian cysts, that hurt like a mother, and endometriosis. I'm going to need some sort of surgery done to remove the fibers growing like weeds in my abdomen and/or go on clomid. I can't remember the order in which this happens because I stopped listening after my Dr told me this information 2 weeks ago, when all along I thought it was just cysts. There you have it! SUPRISE, we were trying! I'm a mess from my face to my girl parts, you name it...one ball of a mess. Travis and I just had our FHE and I bawled the whole time he was bearing his testimony to me, ugh, PULL IT TOGETHER LINDSAY!!!! And who's to say, this might just all be fine in a couple of months w/or w/o the surgery...I just needed to vent. Here's to GC and some successful baby making in the future!! Cheers!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needing some serious Vitamin D, or is it A B or C...hmmm

Hello all:) I'm once again slacking on my blogging! Still kickn' it in Idaho:) I have no pictures to document my 25th birthday, ugh that just sounds soooo ooooold to me and no pictures to document V-day...but good times were had by all! I'm in some SERIOUS need of some of SUN!!! Thought these pictures could brighten these cloudy days and make ya smile! Here's a song you could possibly sing while viewing! Ahem, "Oh Mr. Sun, SUN, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on meeeeee:)" that's nice right?! Have a fabulous day!!

Doing one of our favorite activities together!!

You can only imagine the choice words coming outta my mouth at this moment ;)

This is my lil man on our boat this summer, takin on some serious wind! Only a face a mother could love!


We weren't having any luck @ Bear Lake, so we opted to fish for some nasty Carp, fun to catch tho! Caught this guy with toilet paper and candy corn!