Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, I turned 24 on the 23rd of last week and I feel old this year for some reason! Well anyways, the celebration always lasts for a week and this year we've had a couple of parties. Friday we had a girl slumber party with my grandma and mom. We watched E.T. my choice, I love it, played Phase 10 until 1:30 in the morning, grandma's a trooper, and had my favorite dinner that night and a big wonderful breakfast in the morning! Last night was my friend "Princess Party" yes, 24 years old, ha ha. We went to my favorite place to eat, Texas Roadhouse and had another girl slumber party at Brianna's house. We fell asleep at 7:00 this morning after talking, playing games and talking some more. We always have a blast! This year our friends Sophie, Cassi, Andrea and Lindsey couldn't be at the Princess Party because they're all out of town:( We missed you guys! Tomorrow is my family/super bowl party that'll consist of more eating! Hooray for 24?!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just an update:)

Since my last post we've had a lot happen around the Jones/Henderson household. It was Tucker's 1st Christmas, I know, who cares. But, since I don't have a cute bundle of a baby to talk about around this fun time of year, it's about my furballs, family and friends!! We had my mom's Sunday school class and a few of my friends come over for a caroling party in Parkside Creek followed by spiced wassil and hot coco. Our next adventure was Travis's first shot administration. Recipient: our wonderful and still best friend after this event, Brianna Travis. He held his own while I made sure we had plenty of footage! New Years came and went as fast as Christmas did with my mom having emergency surgery twice! So we, being Travis and I and our 10 of our wonderful friends, moved our New Years Eve Party to room 545 for a good hour and then proceeded to play rock band until 7 the next morning at Brianna's house! All of my puppies got new homes and I cried when they left our little nest! I wrapped Gracies boobies with cabbage and an Ace bandage, hey, if it works on humans why not try to dry up the old bags on Miss Grace!! Last, our friends TJ and Sophie Ai both graduated and moved on to a warmer place...St. George Utah. We miss them lots!