Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts of a Stay at Home Mom

There were a lot of people that told me before I had Maddox, I'd never want to return to work and I'd love to just be at home with him and do the "mom thing" With that being said let me just list a couple of things I've found being a "stay at home mom" the past 5 weeks.

Dr. Oz scares the crap out of me, just do yourself the favor and don't watch him. I found myself clocking the distance I live from the freeway the other day, because apparently your chances are higher to conceive an autistic child if you live within 1/4 mile of the freeway!! You'll start checking your moles or wonder if you have regular bowl movements, really?! Ok, Mr. Oz you're not welcome in my home anymore because you're freaking me out!!

I find myself singing the Macy's song that is played in the background of EVERY commercial they've made in history. As well as other super annoying commercial, my bad for having the tv on 24/7 I suppose.

I'm board out of my mind with this crappy weather!! I thought it was a heatwave last week and went on a walk, I think it was like 53 degrees.

I'm so used to my old routine, wake up, get ready, go to work, go work out after work blah blah blah. I've been a prisoner in my own body with this c-section. I've been limited to just walking for my workout, no thank you. I'm either balls to the wall or nothing at all. When I was pregnant I couldn't run or lift weights because my heart rate would become too high for my Dr.'s liking.  I'm DYING to go on a good run and do some squats. Travis bought me an elliptical so I could workout while the babe is taking his nap. Well, that too is on hiadus until my body is fully healed! So that just adds to the long list if why I'm bored out of my mind.

I'm supposed to return to work in May, working every Tuesday and Wednesday while my in laws watch Maddox. I talked to the Dr I work for and told him I'm going crazy, I don't know how people do this, he'll be seeing me sooner than later. I went into work last week, with Maddox in tow, to finish our retention photos in the back office clocking out to nurse him when needed. Sooo nice to get out and actually feel like I'm doing something. Lately my other big outting is going to Sonic's happy hour. Whoa don't get crazy!!

I do LOVE being with my little guy and watching him grow and do new things each week is great!! I am thankful that I can be on maternity leave for so long and when I do go to work it'll be for 2 days a week. I'm just saying that I need to figure out my new routine and this dang sun needs to show himself for good! Ahh, better. I'm off my box, thank you :)

A little photo shoot with Maddox took up some of our afternoon last week. I bought him a bunch of ties when I was pregnant. I had an idea to take some nude photos with his ties on so we did that for fun. I had to google how to tie them, that was interesting. No, I'm not one of those moms who thinks she's a photographer just because of the camera I own. I'm clearly not a professional, it's just for fun :)

Super pissed by the time we put the 4th tie on...don't blame the little guy!! Mommy went overboard :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

1 Month Old Today!!

Maddox Boyd you're 1 whole big month old today!! We love you so much peanut, it's unrreal!! As of now you just slept through the night with a whooping 7 hour stretch!! I woke up at 5 am to check on you to make sure you were still breathing, because that's what moms do I guess, haha!! You're currently sleeping tummy to chest on me. I just recently found out this is one of your favorite positions to be. I'm assuming you like mommy's heartbeat, that's what you heard for 9 months while baking. At 1 month of age, you like to hold your little head up and show me you're getting stronger everyday. You're such a talker when you eat, holy cow!! You love the blondes, staring at your Auntie Keri, Krechelle, Megan and Crystal like they're your girlfriends when they hold you! I turn up the music on our tv and we sing and dance and you love that. The other day Adam Lambert was on, mommy's favorite!! At night we take the lotion and massage and rub your arms and legs. You stretch and flex them to the sky. You have the most beautiful feet like your daddy with high girly arches not flat feet like mommy!! You love to talk and smile, you're a little ham. You're starting to "fill out", mommy's milk seems to be doing the trick. You HATE the booger sucker thing, you scream as if I were chopping your arm off!! I on the other hand love to use it, such a wonderful invention!! When you sneeze it's usually followed with a gag and a cough, so cute. You love bath time followed by the blow dryer on your body. You make this cute fishy face were you pucker your lips out, so funny!! You still love me to sing to you. We've expanded our song choices to You are my Sunshine and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. I'm so excited to see you grow, I love you to the moon little man!! xo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Maddox Update



Maddox will be 1 month old this Thursday, wow time flies!! I would've said it wasn't flying at one of our 4 am feedings, haha!! He's a GREAT baby, hands down he is his daddy through and through. Still sleeping 5-6 hours at night in his crib and occasionally in his swing if he doesn't go right to sleep and needs the entertainment. He only cries when his tummy hurts and when he's hungry. I never know if he has a dirty diaper until I check it, that doesn't bug the kid to sit in his number 1's and 2's. He's such an angel I just know when our little girl comes along she's going to be hell-on-wheels and have quite the TUDE!! Anyways, he had his first bath on Valentine's day after our family date at a sushi joint. Yes, almost one month old and it finally happened!! It made me nervous with his belly button thingy and then one week later he was circumsized so we postponed it even later. He LOVED the bath, it was adorable. We got all 10 min of footage on our video camera, I know right, we went a little overboard!! He then enjoyed the warm dryer to his little body followed by the lotion rub down, ooing and cooing the whole time!! Maddox has also been around town trying his tastes at Chili's, Costa Vida, Fresh off the Hook, Pinnacle Sports Bar and Grill, Olive Garden, IOU Sushi and Sunrise Cafe. His tummy doesn't agree with anything spicy, sad day for mommy :(

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Our New Life Together as 3

I still can't grasp that we're parents to this little guy!! It's so surreal going from you and your husband to adding a human being into the mix that you're in charge of!! He's a super good baby, sleeping 5-6 hours in the night time, can I get a hallelujah. There have been 2 nights that have been hellish, with him not going to sleep until 3am and one night at 5am. Both those nights he had a tummy ache and I'm trying to rule out if any of it had to do with what I ate or drank that day. Maybe my diet coke? Hmm, still puzzled about that one. He still gets the hiccups like crazy, he got them 5+ times a day in the womb. The first week I had a couple of days where I was "weepy" that wasn't fun!! One of those days was when the guy on American Idol never left his fiance's side after that horrible car crash...let's just say I had a bloody I-can't-even-breath meltdown!! I was laughing and weeping all in unison because I knew how ridiculous I was being, and couldn't help it!! This week is better and I'm off the baby blues boat, woot woot!! I love to sing to him, even though I can't sing. His favorite song, ok so maybe it's my favorite song, is Baby Beluga. So corny but so cute :D I've attached it for your listening enjoyment!!