Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm in Love...

Now, I'm not one to speak my mind about reality shows but let's be honest, everyone secretly loves Adam Lambert. I am here to declare my love out loud! I loved him when he tried out, I loved his creepy/sexy way he sang Ring of Fire and tonight, ahhhh Adam. You're my one and only... gay husband. Love the polish, love the liner, love the skinny jeans. Admit it fellow bloggers... he dresses better than half the women you know. Whether or not he's the next AI, I'll be the first in line to scream like a 14 year old at a concert. That's all. Love Allison too, just for the record.:)

Disclaimer: Travis is fully aware of this creepy obsession:)

Friday, March 6, 2009

February's Adventures

So, February was a great month. To make it quick and sum it up. Valentines day was amazing. Trav and I ate at the Melting Pot and he surprised me with Rascal Flatt and Jessica Simpson concert tickets. I also attended the Celine Dion concert in Utah one word...amazing! I met some Utah friends for lunch and it was a blast, always sad to say goodbye. I lost some money in Jackpot with my best friend Amber and mom, bummer deal. We then scored a free suite from a man that wanted a piece from my mom, and not a piece of pie if you know what I mean, ha ha! Sophie and TJ came up from St George to hang out with us. Our best friend Dre was in town from Portland, so we had another girls night! I then judged cheer competition with some friends, we had a great time and wanted to bust a move on the infamous blue competition mat that gives you the feeling of excitement and makes you want to puke all at once. I then rounded up the month with the nasty cold that's hit everyone plus me!!