Friday, February 15, 2013

Maddox is 2.


Our little man turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and we celebrated in style. Family, friends, Tow Mater and McQueen at the reeeeally fancy local Pojos. You know it's going to be a good time when you send the invites to the 2 year old's party-and in the text include the words pizza, drinks, cake, tokens and STD's to go around for all!! Haha, cheap and dirty is how we do. Everybody had a grand time and we acquired over 3,000 tickets to spend on the kids, big and small ;) Maddox and Bella 'bought' matching kicking balls, candies and Maddox got a stuffed puppy. On Sunday we had Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Sophie and TJ over for Maddox's Birthday breakfast before they headed back home to Utah. Lots of food and fun all

He's my boyfran.

Love these ladies.

Our other family, the Brintons.

Dane cracks me up, he took his cake in the box. What a hoot.

  Kissing cousins with Kolbi

Silly String fight

Thank you WalMart for the subpar McQueen cake-what did I expect.

Harper and her momma
Blowing bubbles with daddy and Uncle Clark
Best friends

Maddox's tub mate Bella, well and Aunt Sophie too if she lived here haha!!

I think it's safe to say we had a successful Birthday weekend for the small fry. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Queen of Thrifting

This is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year!! Yard sale season!! It's on people, 100% as of this past weekend, I'm getting my yard sale on!! When I'm not attending a sale, I'm trying not to get killed off of Craigslist when I'm buying from the Craigslist killer and buying from second hand stores. I purchase as much as I sale off of Craiglist too. It's my thang if you know what I mean. When I'm not online you can bet your bottom dollar I'm attending your local yard/garage sales tho. No make up rolled out of bed in my pj's, yours truly-in all her glory.

Moving on, my house consists of at least 40% of used goods. My favorite in life is a good deal. I also love to see what fellow second handers buy. I fist pump for those that get a good deal. 

As I have blogged before,  Maddox's whole room is second hand. When we purchased our home I was on the hunt to save a buck, re carpet, re paint and decorate on a dime. I bought new/used fixtures, got a free stainless steel sink from some home in Middleton that had a what we call 'curb alert'. I purchased a 'swan neck' faucet(fancy shmancy name) for $30. I bought our tile to re tile the whole house for $50. Bought a used washer/dryer set from a friends dad, a stainless steel package at a whole sale appliance store that over bought, yay for us. This included our oven, microwave, dishwasher and fridge. I also recruited family and friends to help paint; paying them in red bulls, pop, pizza and gift cards. No, I did not photograph these item, meh. No need to see how bad the dishes need to be done. But, I did take pictures of the rest of our used 'loot' in the Henderson household.

Hold on to your britches, here we go...

$40 King Headboard-Craigslist

$35 Standing Mirror-Thrifted

$1 shabby mirror-yard sale

Maddox's bedroom crib, changer and shelf-Craigslist. Rocking chair-thrifted and recovered.

$5 frame-thrifted

$2 side table-yard sale

$10 lady lamp-yard sale

$150 couch from Grandma Betty/The Brinton's Grandma :D

$75 Grandmother(maybe, she's not a father so I say we'll call her mother) clock-Craigslist

$25 coffee table-thrifted
$1 vase on right-yard sale

Chandeliers-both from yard sales(spray painted)

 The 1st is the kitchen chandelier-$40                                                                            
The 2nd is the living room(she's ginorm and delish)-$75

Little vase guy in the bottom left corner $1-yard sale
 Lovely gold candle aubra $2-yard sale

This clock was bought for honestly maybe 30 cents, let us say 50 cents just to be on the honest side. Purchsed at some store that is a last chance graveyard for items. It is amazeballs heaven for my mother and I. Yes, you may catch an STD but is it SO worth it....100%

$4 green candle aubra left-consignment store
$8 candle aubra set, one in the middle and the other pictured on right-thrifted
$1 shabby frame-yard sale 

$5 mirror-yard sale

$2 frame-yard sale(spray painted, story of my life. answer to all problems)

 $15 patio set spray painted, shocker-yard sale. Clearly needs some cleaning :D

Wierd stand in the corner for $1-yard sale
Bench I stole from my mom and 'white washed'-free to me
$1 yard thing-yard sale

I'm also adding into this post, my crafting skills that are never put to use...meh. A free 1995 nasty vine wreath transformed nicely into a cute shabby wreath...thank you Pintrest for the idea, I'll take it. Made with cut up and rolled baby clothes, I also threw in a necklace I cut up that's no longer used in my life. Rock on :)

Next project: painting my cabinents and using the hardware I purchased at a yard sale for $15...pray for me, or come help. Whatever you choose :D