Monday, March 29, 2010

Blah Blah Blahhhh

Can I just say I'm SO excited for General Conference this weekend. I must admit that I'm not one to watch the full thing. Mostly because I'm in my pj's, with a stomach full of food, laying on the couch/bed with Travis, a nap never fails to come along and tug on my eyelids. It'll happen everytime with a combination like that on a Sunday afternoon:) Most of you that know me, I would hope, say I'm 99% of the time a happy girl. I LOVE laughter and I'm only grumpy if I'm hungry, get woken up from a nap(there goes that nap thing again) or if my darling husband pisses me off, they do that sometimes. I just need to vent for a second. I'm in a bit of a rutt...a big one, well medium size if we want to put a dimension on it...this is why I type, I can't wait for GC!!! I need to be spiritually uplifted to get outta here! Everything's swell, I love my husband, I love my life and I love my job...I'm just really discouraged. I went off of 'the pill' after I ran my half marathon in October. Right away we were fully stoked to think we were one step closer to becoming parents:) Well, wronge. My body's going through some crazy train ride and I don't want to be onboard for it. So technically we've been "trying" and nothing, nada, zero, zilch has happended besides ovarian cysts, that hurt like a mother, and endometriosis. I'm going to need some sort of surgery done to remove the fibers growing like weeds in my abdomen and/or go on clomid. I can't remember the order in which this happens because I stopped listening after my Dr told me this information 2 weeks ago, when all along I thought it was just cysts. There you have it! SUPRISE, we were trying! I'm a mess from my face to my girl parts, you name ball of a mess. Travis and I just had our FHE and I bawled the whole time he was bearing his testimony to me, ugh, PULL IT TOGETHER LINDSAY!!!! And who's to say, this might just all be fine in a couple of months w/or w/o the surgery...I just needed to vent. Here's to GC and some successful baby making in the future!! Cheers!!