Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bodily fluids, bed pans and blood, whoo hoo!

We received a long awaited phone call yesterday letting us know Travis was accepted into the ISU nursing program in Boise! I have a Gaylord Focker on my hands and we're so excited. For those of you that know, we've been sweating major bullets knowing that Travis was the 2nd alternate to possibly get into the program! He'll complete the program in 16 months as an RN and will attend school to further his education as a nurse anesthetist. Thank you for all of your prayers, text messages and phone calls!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fishing...for kittens?

Saturday me, my husband, father and friends Sophie and TJ went fishing on the Boise River. It was a beautiful day and we caught a lot of trout! The boys brought their waders and were trying their luck at steelhead fishing! While fishing on the river, we came across baby kittens lying on their mother who had died. Of course me, being the future ASPCA worker, I lured the three babies out of the bush with pizza crust and zipped them into my coat for the duration of the fishing day! We didn't keep any fish, just kittens!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 boys, 3 girls, and a much needed update...

Hello all! We're still alive and doing well. We've been very busy the last 3 weeks. As you know, we've moved back to Idaho. I didn't think it would be as hard as it has been, mostly for me, due to the fact that we had such great friends and jobs in Utah. Its the little things that I miss, like my neighbors little girl that yelled "TraBis" she loves her "TraBis". I miss my work girls hilarious stories laughter and wondering if someone fed the dang fish that day. I miss winning in my bunco group, ha ha sorry guys, Travis made me practice! I miss movie night at the Jones house, and watching Karter and Kandon play and grow. Anyways, I'll jump off my box, just know that I miss and love you very much!

On a lighter note, Gracie had her puppies one week ago! In the group photo the 2 little boys are on the left and our 3 ladies are on the right! In order from the left is Duke, Daxton, Daphnee, Darbee and Dottie. I guess I'm one of those moms! We were up all night birthing the babies! I didn't sleep a wink until 7 the next morning, peeking in their bin everytime they made the slightest noise. Sorry, I'm posting like this is my first born, ha ha! The other pictures are of us in Salt Lake going to see Thriller as our last date night before we moved, loved loved loved it too! Well, I'll keep updating pics of the little ones! love ya-Linds