Sunday, January 29, 2012

27 years young!

Well my Birthday came and went and it was fabulous. I'm the big 2-7 now, whew that number's getting bigger and bigger ladies and gents!! Maddox tried to steal his mama's Birthday, his being on the 20th and mine the 23rd of January, we're cutting it close to overlapping it there. I let Travis know he'll have to up his game alittle so that this girls Birthday still shines like it did back in the day of pre-children, er, one child...

We celebrated by hitting up the all-you-can-eat-sushi joint in Boise, Sushi Ya. It's amazeballs. Travis had to work after sushi Maddox and I went to TJ Maxx and we had a little shopping spree of our own, then came back home for nappy time. That was about it, oh and I topped off the night with the Bachelor and the RHOBH, those are both goodies in my book right now. Let's not just jump to conclusions that I'm a horrible mother having the tv on smut at all times. Maddox is learning to love the female and estrogen world. Maddox LOVES watching these ladies, be my guest little man, be my guest. Travis didn't really believe me until he was home on a Monday night(this is when we're planted in front of the boob tube) he witnessed the pure silence and frozen infant when those women frolicked on the funny.
My girl party was, Sat Jan 28th at mi casa. We've had the same group of friends since elementary, middle and high school. Two of our girls were missing due to their current living away situations, and by situations I mean they're married and have jobs haha!! Sophie Ai is located in Utah and Andrea Ann in Portland...sad day. We love you long time ladies, like fat girls love cake! Those are the words off of my Birthday card from Amber last night, so funny :D Anyways tonight wasn't just a regular "you had a Birthday" party, we had a Spa night party!!  If your 'spa' night consists of massages and relaxation you've come to the wrong party here!! We have a bit of a twisted idea of spa night I guess. We did have some face masks invovled, that was about the most relaxing part, oh wait and some gel nails that were lovely with the UV light and the whole nine yards thanks to Santa's delivering that new item to the Henderson household. We then got down to business. Just for the record NONE of us work in salons and have never had any proper training of what I'm about to type, not a shock to anyone if you know this group. Let us all keep that in mind as you see the large flames in the pictures that everyone has their parts intact,  mmm-kay!! So I've wanted to try those, 'clean that crap outta your ears' candles, so that's what we did, well Chelsea and I, no one else was a believer...until now. A question you may have asked yourself in the past, "do those ear wax candles work to remove the nasty excess wax buildup in your ear canals?" Your answer is a big fat YES!! Yes, you may start your house on fire, burn your hand profusely or get severe smoke inhilation but sign us up!! So Chels and I positions ourselves just right on the stairs with plates in the middle of the candle for a 'drip resevoir' to prevent accidents. We also had waxing assistants Lindsey and Brianna, they're true friends :D The outcome is amazing as you can see the pictures below, it speaks for itself. Our next task was waxing...we had a professional kit if that makes anyone feel better, not enough for me to try it but we had the whole setup...let's just say I'd NEVER get done what went down tonight, I have my limits people, but we have some serious waxing semi-pros on our hands. Who needs a spa when you can just come on over and get your facial, your gel nails, your ears cleaned out and our waxing expert will hook a sister up, where ever you choose...I'd also like to add we're getting a spray tanning gun and we'll be professional tanning techs in no time! Whew whatta night. Thank you for the fun party ladies, I love you breast friends!
Discussing our plan of action
Scared and supporting eachother...alittle screaming was going on too
 Our personal fire marshal was ready at all times, assisting with ash removal and the stabilization of the candle :D she got an A+, always remaining calm under the pressure of the situation
 Getting our de-waxing on
The inspection
 YIKES!! That hard looking ball at the topish of the circle is the wax that made it's way up the candle
Now this looks like a good night, haha. Just the candle residue, don't get crazy people!
These gems are the result of candle waxing, I know disgusting.  But I can attest that I can hear better...say whaaaa?
 These gals know me too well :)
Chelsea's skills in the nail department, I'd say she's a well rounded spa individual. She also was the waxing we don't have pictures of that event,  you can probably guess why... :D

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You've had a Birthday shout Hooray!!! The big O-N-E!!

Well, we made it one year...sometimes barely but hey, we're all alive and well at the Henderson household :D Our little, or tall, monkey turned the big 1 on Jan 20th, sigh. Here's a little re-cap on our weekend festivites for the Goo. Friday morning we woke up at 11, just in time for breakfast ;) Maddox loves him a good elmo party so that we did. Breakfast with the red guy. We put Maddox in his highchair, I donned a Big Bird hat, daddy Cookie Monster and the man of the week got Elmo. He likes to be apart of making food so he watched while we listened to the All time Number 1 hits of Michael Jackson. Maddox loves alittle MJ in the afternoon. We made eggs, pancakes(elmo shape for the boy), bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, strawberries and blueberries. I think we needed some more options. We put Maddox on his new rocking/bouncing horse, he was alittle unsure of what to do, he'll get the hang of it...someday. We also got him some more big boy cups in an array of colors, color tablets for bath time and bubbles. Apparently we've deprived him off the bubble world because you would have thought  Santa himself was taking a bath with Maddox, a little creepy maybe but it's true. He was screaming with excitment. Of coarse while mom is doing the dishes, dad and Maddox played and played in the bubbles. I could hear him just screaming with excitment so I came upstairs to join the nudity fest. Travis had to work that night so Maddox, G and G Jones and I went to "On The Boarder" for dinner.
My sad attempt of an edible Elmo
                            Inspecting the bubble situation :D
            After his dinner with G and G Jones and his mamma.
Saturday rolled around and it was party central for this klan! We had a circus themed party at the one and only cesspool in Boise...I mean I wanted to immediatly bathe just walking through the doors into this place, drum roll please...Chuck e Cheese, I mean wooooow. I'm surprised we all don't have diseases this morning but hey, welcome to the world of kids and germs. No.?  Well anyways we had a blast, and actually closed the place down, Maddox had a blast for being a one year old around a million kids screaming like hethans. Apparently the American tradition is to have a small child receive their own cake and let them flail themselves about with their little appendeges and digits just everywhere...ok I guess. So we did just that. He loved his cake and ate it too ;) he really got in there and dug around, shocking acutally. We set up an account for Maddox and when asked what he 'needs' for his Birthday we just directed them towards cash giving, best idea I've ever had. He has more toys, clothes, hats, shoes, onsies, blankets, stuffed animals, bibs, lotions and binkies you could shake a stick at. So money is what he was given, oh and some cute clothes, hats, shoes, toys and pj's haha!
                           Not so sure of that mouse guy...

His DARLING sock monkey GG Henderson made!

Cake Time!!

Looking alittle over stimulated at this point 

Fun meter is below empty for the Birthday Boy

            Most of our family and Maddox's favorite Aunts, notice that's plural ladies attended the birthday bash. I'm not sure if I got pictures of anyone else other than the Birthday boy and us with the mouse guy. In attendance were the Manning and Whittle family. Both sets of grandparents Jones and Henderson. Great granparents, the Richards. Our other family the Brintons, minus Jordann because she's in Africa eating only roots and bananas apparently. My take on that is a great way to shed some LB's, just sayn'. Uncle Taylor and Aunt April with the baking fetus, Bryten. Aunts Chelsea and Crystal. Aunts/Uncles Brianna/Jake, Cassi/Bry. The Robertsons klan are hosting the chicken pox virus so we missed them. We also missed the Roberts, Reinertson and the Clune family . We had a great friend L'erin and her boys Nixon and Boston who attended our party at 1 instead of 5:30, she said she had a great time even tho we weren't there yet...haha. Love ya L'er!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Things I've learned as a Mom...almost been 1 year!!

I started this list when Maddox was 4 months old and just ran across it. I kept adding things to it and forgot to post it. Almost been one year, wow time does fly. It did feel like time was sooo slow when I was feeding him at 2 in the morning but man it really has gone fast. He'll be one on Jan 20th!!

I just re-read these and was laughing outloud. Man the things you learn, being a mom, and a new one at that is such a trip!!

The list starts here...

I'm not a newborn person, let's face it. You either are or you're not. I love 6 months on, sooo much better for me when they interact!!

Always put bib tabs together through the wash, they stick to everything!!

Question: why don't they make ALL zippy jammies, they're soo much easier then those snappy ones!

My world was rocked for awhile!! It really is life changing and you have to revamp how you run your life now. We have to start getting ready to go out 1- 1 1/2 hrs before our distination time. This took us awhile to get used to.

Point the boys "business" down, we went through 8 diapers in one hour one night when he was 3 weeks old, I remember thinking that night, KILL ME NOW!!

Wash behind your ears isn't just a saying. I looked behind Maddox's ears one day, YIKES!! He was building a city with his dried milk, spit and what have you and I FREAKED out!! I had just gave him a bath earlier that morning and you'd thought it had been months, not ok!! So always wash behind their ears.

Speaking of bathing, let's be honest, he gets a bath 1-2 times a week. Is this normal?!

They should pass antidepressants out like Pez candy, I'll do myself the favor next time and take some. I battled it out without drugs and it wasn't a fun ride!!

You can never have too many bibs.

Teething babies get fevers and runny noses. Maybe a no brainer for you but I was not aware of this!!

They make buckles and brakes on strollers for a reason...we had a falling out incident, literally onto the cement sidewalk, I repeat, the CEMENT sidewalk! A little 3 month old, his first visit to the ER was uneventful, not even a bump to show for it but sure did give this first time mom a heart attack!! So take my mistake into consideration and ALWAYS buckle your babies!! The Dr said the most accidents are when they tumble out of the shopping carts because they aren't buckled in, just and FYI!!

Cutting fingernails is the worst!! I almost cut his finger off when he was like 2 months old, he cried I cried, not a good situation.

You now understand when people talk about their get it. Before you wanted to tell them to shut up about their damn kids and what they do and don't eat. About how many times they puked in one night or what they laughed at the night before, I get it now. I'm that mom.

Everyone told me my animals would be second fiddle...I swore up and down they were totally wrong, not ever true blah blah blah...guess who's playing the fiddle, my furballs:(

By night time you start to count down the time until bedtime...don't act like you don't!!

Bath time is suuuuper scary!! Why the crap are they so slippery!! I'm surprised you don't hear about deaths by slippery bodies in the water, it makes me all sweaty and scared!!

I sucked at tummy time when he was teeny tiny and to this day, Jan 9th, Maddox hates being on the ground on his hands and knees.

You learn what works for you and your baby and it gets better each day...I promise it will if you're at that point in your life and it's will

I can say the words "our next baby" that's a big step, for awhile he was going to be an only child, haha!!

I can watch him sleep all night, so cute when they're sleeping.

Breastfeeding came suuuper easy to him and I. He stopped at 6 months because the leche production team was dwindeling so we got rid of the breast :D

Anything you'd like to add feel free!! All moms welcome, especially if it'll help us first timers over here!!