Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas and a Baby in the Oven :D

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, in the back of our minds always thinking it'll be the last Christmas alone as a couple, yikes!! We've been married for over 5 1/2 years so we're ready right?! Two of my best friends made it to town so we got the WHOLE gang together, including Miss Harper Blair, for a party at our house!! Complete with eating, a gift exchange and some Wii dancing. I myself was shaking my big pregnant J-Lo :D Who needs an eliptical when you have that game, geez!! 

I had my 36 week appointment today and we found out Maddox is breech, little stinker. Apparently 5% of babies don't flip before they're due to come. Sooo, they sent me to the hospital today and I was hooked up to a stress test for awhile. He's doing swell in there, his face is just wedged into my right rib cage. Makes sense, I'm ALWAYS leaning to the left trying to get into a comfortable position. Anyways, on Thursday they're doing a procedure called an external cephalic version. Translation, they're going to "drug" my uterus and the Dr's going to try and flip him like he's frickin Houdini. Sooo, if this "trick" is successful, great lets have the baby the good old fashion way!! If not, a scheduled c-section in 3 weeks!! That's if he doesn't rupture my "bag-o-water" in the process or if Maddox's little heart rate decelerates and doesn't go back to the normal rate. Then, we'll see you on Thursday Maddox!! Oh and just for your information, his room is STILL not finished. Let me just tell you I'm the biggest procrastinator in the world, ya think?! Haha!! Here are some pictures of our festivites. Wish us luck:D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready or Not He's Coming Soooon!!

Well here we are almost 33 weeks...I'm feeling a little nervous because I can now say I'm due next month, YIKES!! We had a little photo op with my belly, I've been bad at taking pictures, shocking I know!! We purchased a camera not too long ago and were giving it a "whirl" Maddox's room is not even close to being done, I should post a picture of that. You can't even step foot into his room, it's PACKED from floor to ceiling with baby shower gifts and clothes. Christmas break is when we're taking that project on, I'll post pics of his nursery then:D I'm starting to get uncomfortable at work these days. The Dr I work for took it upon himself to tie my shoe the other day, he said "Don't worry, I got it" and proceeded to tie it:) so cute! I just read in my 33 week e-mail that you'll start to retain water...well hell, tell me about it!! Haha, I'm getting the pregnancy face, no bueno!! I'm still wearing heels everywhere I go, my OB told me I should probably "get off the heels" no such thing buddy, sorry:( Maddox got the hiccups a couple of weeks ago, I was confused until I realized he wasn't just hitting me in the same spot for 2 min. straight, soo cute!! I can't stop buying clothes for the little guy!! Travis just shakes his head when the Fed-Ex man rolls up. He's got leg warmers, ties and bow ties to last him a lifetime!!  Here's some proof of the belly:D Merry Christmas everyone!!