Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bon Appetit!

So, as much as I am a girly girl, I love the outdoors! I have a wonderful friend, Sophie, who's game for anything we decide would be a fun/different activity for us. My dad took us Bass fishing this particular day, by the way, we were baiting our hooks with live Blue Gill fish, poor nemos:( Didn't stop us from catching large mouth Bass though! Well, anyways, at the end of our fishing trip we decided it would be fun to stop at the Boise River and catch some crawdads...and eat them! Ahhh, I know gross right? So, my dad whips out this 10 foot net and Sophie and I hold each end while dad walks towards us kicking up rocks! These creatures with GIANT claw things are snapping at us left and right flying out of their hiding spots under the rocks. We ended up with a bucket full after a few rock kicking sessions, much screaming involved too. We did the whole boil bath thing! Sad, I know but don't worry they went fast! So, for future knowledge, they taste like shrimp!

The Loooove/Fishing Boat

Okay, so Travis and his friend bought a "fishing" boat together last spring. Well, this past Saturday Trav took me out to Deer Creek Lake for my first time on the "fishing" boat! I feel like I need to put "quotations" around "fishing" because of her well, um, condition. If you take a real good look at her self portrait, she's had a body lift white trash style! The duct tape on the seats is what kills me! The "fishing" boat is a 1967 and is also equipped with an old school style horn and a wood floor! She looks outta shape but for an old lady she can haul, 35mph whoo hoo! I figured this would hand anyone an out loud laugh! We had a great time, if anyone's up for an interesting experience she seats 6...tubing anyone?! He he!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Woot Woot

Travis Boyd Graduated!! He worked very very hard and I'm so proud of him! Thanks to all of our family and friends that have supported us along the way, we love and appreciate everything you do! Congrats again Travis, i lub you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Times

We drove to the "Y" to watch the 24th of July fireworks a couple of weeks ago. We also went to the Pioneer Days parade in Spanish Fark, that's the way I like to say it(Calee you say it the best) We have more festivites starting tomorrow! Everyone is coming down to stay with us because Travis graduates from BYU, Woot Woot! We are having a Luau party for Trav, going to Lagoon and the Jack Johnson concert! So, to sum it up, there will be more pictures to come! See ya soon!