Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 and 3 Months Old!!

I'm combining Maddox's 2nd and 3rd month updates because mommy's a slacker! I'm also listing his 2 month stats one, because I'm a mom and that's what mom's do. Two, for documentation purposes. I've always hated when people posts their kids stats. Who cares what percentile your baby's head is in...NOT ME. So like I said this is for documentation purposes only:D

Month 2

Height 23 inches- 52%  
Weight 11 lbs 2 oz-35%
Head Cir 15.5 inches-34%

Gama J calls him her prima ballerina when he wears his "sissy tights" like in the above picture :) They're my personal favorite and we have like 8 pair in an array of colors of these lovelys

Let's just establish how much more in love you fall with your children when they can start interacting with you. I love my Booders(yes that's what I call him, pretty ugly ya!) so much more now that we've established more of a routine and have figured eachother out. So his 2 month shots came and went, it was sad but had to be done. Up until this appointment I thought his little tummy was sensative to the foods I ate, come to find out he has a pretty bad case of acid reflux. First timer over here, lets all remember that, haha!! Our Dr. was surprised he gained as much weight as he had, with him always puking, sad right!? So he gets medicine morning and night and it's working like a charm. I was assuming he had tummy aches when he was screaming after eating, nope no worries just the ACID running up is tiny baby esophagus!! So on top of that, he HATED laying on his back, it's all making sense. So he's been sleeping in his swing, sitting up...and still does!! Bonus is he sleeps like a champ(I'm not going to worry about breaking him of the swing until his little reflux is under control) He sleeps a solid 7-8 hours on a normal night. During his growth spurts we'll get a great stretch of 10-12 hours. He currently will get up one time in the night, eat and go right back to sleep...swinging. He still loves his baths followed by the blow dryer to the body!! Still gets the hiccups daily.

Month 3

It's official we have concluded we have an angel baby on our hands, well for now. He's such a happy little man 80% of the time. I realize I still have the toddler years to deal with so I'll try not to jinx us over here. Well anyways, Maddox has found his hands!! He currently is sucking his left thumb(mommy sucked her left as well and is left handed, so maybe a lefty too?) He's sooo long, he just shot up like a weed this month!! He lauged out loud for the first time this week and found his loud voice. Guess what, still sleeping in his blasted swing!! Haha. Up until a couple of weeks ago we had him in his travel swing, replacing the batteries once a week, Judas batteries are spendy. We smartened up and bought an electric swing:) He, for some reason, loves laying on his changing table, this is where we have lots of conversations. I like to go through the drive thru and order some baby fingers, baby thighs, baby wings, well you get the picture. I eat him up like a fast food combo and tell him to throw in a diet coke to go with my food, he thinks his mommy is a comedian and he laughs and smiles!! I still sing to him daily. We sing about taking medicine, eating, his poops, bath time, nap time you name it. I'm a little song bird over here and he loves it too. He loves the music turned up in the car, from Lady Gaga to LDS piano hymns. Still loves baths and blow dryer. Still gets the hiccups!! Tonight you're in 9 month old Jammies!!