Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needing some serious Vitamin D, or is it A B or C...hmmm

Hello all:) I'm once again slacking on my blogging! Still kickn' it in Idaho:) I have no pictures to document my 25th birthday, ugh that just sounds soooo ooooold to me and no pictures to document V-day...but good times were had by all! I'm in some SERIOUS need of some of SUN!!! Thought these pictures could brighten these cloudy days and make ya smile! Here's a song you could possibly sing while viewing! Ahem, "Oh Mr. Sun, SUN, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on meeeeee:)" that's nice right?! Have a fabulous day!!

Doing one of our favorite activities together!!

You can only imagine the choice words coming outta my mouth at this moment ;)

This is my lil man on our boat this summer, takin on some serious wind! Only a face a mother could love!


We weren't having any luck @ Bear Lake, so we opted to fish for some nasty Carp, fun to catch tho! Caught this guy with toilet paper and candy corn!