Friday, June 26, 2009

We Think Your Tractor's SEXY!! Vote for us!!

Hello friends! So, I've been slacking on my blogging skills. I'll try to retrieve my pictures on our broken camera soon to give you a Henderson update. Well, this past weekend my best buds and mom entered the Kenny Chesney concert contest. I got the picture from my friends camera and this is the picture that is currently posted on our country station's website. A bunch of people have entered hoping to win the sand bar tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert and a chance to meet the man himself. We've been to his concert the past 3 years and made these t-shirts for last years concert. He puts on the best show! I would love it if you guys would vote for our picture on The first round of voting starts this Monday, June 29th until Friday July 3rd. This narrows the contest to 10 finalists, and the final round of voting begins July 6th until July 12th. The winning picture will be announced on July 14th!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Blog you later;)