Monday, July 21, 2008

Summertime Fun

This past weekend we went to a bbq with the Jones'. We had lots of laughs and of course, lots of food! There was a pinata, you heard right, and fireworks to boot! Then tonight Trav and I headed to Salem Ponds with the kids and fed the geese and ducks. I caught an 8 pound carp and it about tore my arm clean off! Gracie and Griffin made some geese friends as you can see in the picture. They're were nose to nose for like 10 minutes. That's the latest festivities in the Henderson home!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Orem Days

This year we went to the
Orem Days Festivities with the Jones family, our good friends! Mandi and I went to the fair for what seemed like a week! We had lots of fun. Karter and I rode a germ infested slide and Kandon took 2nd place in the baby contest! We then met the men for the parade! Trav is holding baby Kandon for future practice(way in the future) and Karter, I mean Kung Foo Panda, and I are waiting for the parade to start on our blanket! He was my cute date! Love you guys!

4th of July Festivities

So, this is a much needed update. I've been slacking on my blogging skills! This is an update in the Henderson household. Trav and I had our 3rd year anniversary and celebrated by camping with our friends TJ and Sophie last month. we just returned from Idaho last night at 2 in the morning! We started off with a family reunion then headed to Boise for the holiday! We had VERY late nights with pool parties, girls nights, rock band compititions and even a car wash by me and Sop! The boys bought a ton of "legal" fireworks and we ended with a bonfire and swim olympics on the 4th. Umm, oh and lots and lots and lots of snow cones(1/2 bubblegum 1/2 banana for me!) We ended our week and a half fiesta with a Cabana party at Roaring Springs! Trav and I also hiked the "Y" let's just say I thought I was in shape until that little adventure! I'll stick with Gold's Gym, thanks though!