Monday, September 13, 2010

Maddox's Debute:D

Here we are at 21 weeks in front of my lovely white trash fence, don't you love it;D Finally found our camera in a box and took a picture of the guy! We're so excited to have a stinky little boy, he's got quite the wardrobe already, complete with skulls, guitars and graffiti. Wait till you see his room...we're going to be busy little bees for awhile. So far I haven't felt him kick, unless it is him and I've been thinking it's gas! I'm LOVING fried foods, cheeseburgers, and I drink vinaigrette but the spoonfuls:D Maddox is going to be pickled by the time he's done cooking in there:) Working out has been on the back burner, bad idea, but there's sooo much to do on the house...speaking of, the house update is, we're still unpacking, one day at a time!! We love our little Nampa casa, I'll post pictures soon:)